Chronological overview

De g. à d. : Dr Carlo STEFFES, Mme Monique BREISCH,  M. Lex BREISCH.

De g. à d. : Dr Carlo STEFFES, Mme Monique BREISCH, M. Lex BREISCH.

Mobbing must be fought in all its aspects

The Mobbing asbl is the result of a campaign to prevent moral harassment since 1998.

In 1999, the first help and reception office for victims of moral harassment opened its doors.

In 2001, the Mobbing asbl (Luxembourg Association against moral harassment and stress at work) was created by Mrs. Monique BREISCH, Mr. Lex BREISCH and Dr. Carlo STEFFES and in collaboration with the LCGB trade union and the Syprolux railway union.

In 2002, the first legislative proposal was launched.

Since 2003, the Mobbing asbl has been contracted by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Economy.

Until 2006, the Mobbing asbl only worked with voluntary consultants, only in 2006 the first employee was hired.

In 2009, an agreement on harassment and violence at work was signed by the trade unions OGB-L and LCGB and by the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises (UEL) to raise awareness among employees, employers and human resources. This has triggered a greater demand for conferences and training in companies from the Mobbing asbl.

During the year 2016, the Mobbing asbl became independent from all trade unions.

Since 2017, the Mobbing asbl no longer works with voluntary consultants but with hired consultants.

In December 2019, the management changed. The position of director changed from Mrs. Monique BREISCH to Mrs. Magdalena MIDA.

Mobbing asbl is politically neutral and available for all applicants (victims, harasser, employer, etc.) who need help in the field of moral harassment and stress at work.

The board of directors is composed of professional members in the social field, including and by way of example, experts such as psychologists and doctors as well as lawyers.


Mobbing Asbl

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